Saturday, 15 March 2014

New photos!

It is always exciting to come by new photos from the past.
 I recently heard from from a distant cousin Thomas Johnson who is the gr grandson of Margaret Isabella Blakley. ( Sister of Thomas A Blakely and daughter of Thomas Blakely and Margaret Isabella ORR)
Thomas was kind enough to send some wonderful scans of his Blakely photos. Only one of them I have seen before so I was just thrilled to see them.

The first one is of Catherine Blakely who is the youngest daughter of Margaret and Thomas.

The next photo is of Margaret Isabella Orr's parents. Joseph Orr was born Sept 1804 In Ireland. He died May 7,1877 in Milton,Ontario. Margaret Donaughue was born in Ireland in 1809 and died in Ontario in 1882.

Mary Jane Blakely is the woman on the right in this next picture. She is the first born daughter of Thomas Blakely and Margaret Orr. I do not know who the woman on the left is but I have seen her face before. I think she may be part of the Little family? Mary Jane's married name was Little.

This is a great picture of Joseph and John Blakely. This looks like it was taken the same day as the Blakely family portrait that is on here.

The last one is of the two sisters in Ohio. Catherine and Margaret Blakely.

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