Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Joseph Orr

Joseph and Margaret ORR

Joseph Orr was born in September 1804 in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.
 He was the son of William Orr (born in 1765 in County Tyrone), and Isabelle Mcdoles (born in 1784 in Tyrone)

He married Margaret Donahue and had the following children

  • Ellen Margaret -  born in 1853 in Trafalgar Township, Halton, Ontario

  • Letita - born on 23 Jul 1839 in Trafalgar Township, Halton, Ontario. She married John Sackville Harkiss, son of Sackville Harkies and Marion McKay

  • Rebecca - born about 1836 in Halton, Can. She died on 08 Feb 1891 in Grey, Ontario, Canada. She married David Stinson in 1857. He was born on 11 Nov 1827 in County Cavan, Ireland. He died on 23 Aug 1906 in Artemesia Township, Grey County, Ontario

  • William David  born on April 11, 1842 in Trafalgar Township, Halton, Ontario. He married Sarah Ann Mckinnon on December 24, 1872, in Halton. The couple had five children
  1. Catherine Rebecca ORR b 1876
  2. Joseph ORR 1876-1888
  3. Margaret Isabella ORR 1881-1950 married Charles SPECK
  4. Sarah Jane ORR b June 14, 1884 d June 28, 1965 married Orlando Switzer May on June 14, 1905, in Halton
  5. Ethel Eveline ORR b March 12, 1887

  • Mary Jane b January 7, 1845 She married Robert Asby Peacock on February 22, 1865, in Halton, Ontario. She died on September 13, 1914, in Halton. 

  • Matthew Guy-  Born February 14, 1847, in Halton

Sunday, 27 December 2015

William GUY Blakely

William Guy Blakely was born on July 3, 1861, in Grey, Ontario  Son of Thomas Blakley and Isabella Orr

He married Minnie Agnes Parks on March 21, 1888

Samina Minnie Agnes Parks was born about 1863, in Grey, Ontario, the child of Thomas and Mary Ann

The couple had five children

  • Mary Isabella Mabel Blakely was born on September 11, 1889, in Grey, Ontario She married Stanley Henry Geddes on December 3, 1919, in Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • Margaret Della Blakely was born on August 4, 1892, in Dufferin  She married Harry Mellafont Nixon on June 11, 1924, in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

  • Thomas G Blakely was born in 1893 in Ontario

  • William Allan Blakely was born on March 17, 1900, in Grey, Ontario

  • Samina Minnie Elizabeth Cassie Blakely was born on July 8, 1905, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She married John Ridley on November 5, 1938, in East Kildonan, Manitoba.

In the 1880s, Guy ran a butcher shop in Flesherton, Ontario

He died on June 25, 1938, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, at the age of 76.

His wife Minnie died March 1936 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, at the age of 73.

Mary Jane Blakely Little

Mary Jane Blakely was born Feb 19,1858 in Artemesia Township, Grey County, Ontario.

She is the daughter of Thomas Blakely and Isabella Orr.

About 1880 she married Johnston Alexander Little (b Dec 23,1856 - d Dec 17, 1929) son of  William Elliot Little and Elizabeth Redfern Moore.

The couple had five children

Elizabeth Angeline Little - born on January 27, 1881, in Maxwell, Ontario,

Isabella Maud Little - born on April 7, 1885, in Maxwell, Ontario

William Thomas Little - born on March 4, 1888, in Maxwell, Ontario,

Captain Herbert Johnson Little - born on April 9, 1891, in Maxwell, Ontario

Maggie May Little - born on March 31, 1894, in Grey County, Ontario

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Right Worshipful Brother Thomas A Blakely

My current genealogy mission is to find out more information on the Blakely's involvement with The Masons of Canada. Thomas Alberton Blakely and his brother Joseph were both members and it has me curious if any of the other brothers or sons joined.

Not the best copy. I did own an original but gave it to a family member many years so ( before those wonder digital scanners). There is supposedly an original that hangs in the lodge in Flesherton Ontario. (looking into that)

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Thomas Blakely - Part 2 - Work Life

Thomas Blakely had  many different jobs and businesses over his lifetime. He was a house and carriage painter, a carpenter, he ran a grist mill ,sold farm equipment, was a town councillor and a police trustee, a farmer and inventor. Thomas was also a "Worthiful Master" of Hiriam Masonic Lodge.









Friday, 25 July 2014

Catherine Elizabeth Blakely

Catherine "Cassie" Blakely was born on July 23,1874 in Flesherton Ontario  to Thomas Blakely and Margaret Isabella Orr
. In 1899 She married William Currie and moved to Ohio.  The couple had four children, Ella Currie, Walter Blakely Currie, Samuel Robert Currie and William Carl Currie.

Daughter Ella Currie Hancox
son Sam Currie

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Margaret Isabella Orr

Margaret Isabella Orr was born in 1837 in Streetsville,Ontario. She was the daughter of Joseph Orr and Margaret Donaughue.
Joseph Orr and Margaret Donaughue.
In the fall of 1854 at the age of 17, she married Thomas Blakely. The marriage entry gives Trafalgar, Ontario as the marriage place but the archives has it filed under York.

By 1955, the couple had moved to Grey county, Ontario and settled in the Artemesia area.

Thomas and Margaret had eleven children.

Joseph Alexander born 1855
George born 1857
Mary-Jane b 1858
William Guy b 1861
Thomas b 1863
John b 1865
Margaret b 1870
 Ephriam b 1867
Catherine (Cassie) b 1874
Andrew b 1872
Walter b 1876

Thomas died in 1877 leaving Margaret a widow at a young age. In 1892 she married George Best of Flesherton.

Margaret died Feb 23,1913 in Toldeo Ohio.