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Margaret Isabella Blakely

Margaret Isabella Blakely was the second born daughter of Thomas Blakely and Isabella Orr.

She was born on July 17, 1869, in Grey, Ontario

On Dec 24,1895 She married Alfred Allen in Toronto.

Alfred Allen

The couple had two daughters

Alice born Aug 5, 1899
Catherine born 1896 married Ellis

Catherine and Warren Ellis

Margaret died 13 Apr 1955 and is buried in Ohio


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Thursday, 20 June 2019

Thomas Alberton Blakely Jr

Thomas Alberton Blakely was born March 16,1863 in Portlaw, Artemesia Township, Grey County, Ontario, Canada. He was the son of Thomas Blakely and Margaret Isabella Orr.

 He had ten siblings,  Mary Jane, George Henry, Joseph Alexander, Catherine E Cassie, Walter Robert, Margaret Isabella, Andrew Wilson, John Wesley, Ephriam, and William Guy.

Thomas was a jack of all trades and owned several types of businesses around Grey county throughout his life. He also was a Municipal Councillor and a police trustee.
In 1905 Thomas submitted an application for a patent for the double ball bearing. Check out his invention here!

Dec 24,1885 Flesherton Advance
 When he was 24, he married Hanna Margaret Lever,daughter of Roger Lever and Isabella Rebecca Holley, on Sept 27 1887 in Flesherton,Ontario

Thomas Alberton Blakely and Hanna Margaret Lever had the following children:

Thomas Clifford Blakely was born on 16 Jun 1892 in Dundalk Ontario Canada (Grey County). He died on 07 Feb 1970.

Aleath Leone Blakely was born on 24 May 1896 in Ontario. She died on 07 Sep 1962 in Dunnville,Ontario, Canada.

Luella Margaret Blakely was born on 30 Jun 1905 in Grey, Ontario, Canada. She died on 13 Oct 1974.

Estelle MYRTLE Blakely was born on 21 Jul 1890 in Flesherton, Ontario, Canada. She died on 20 Oct 1960. She married John Charles Miller on 13 Dec 1913 in York,  Ontario, Canada.

Clarence Elverton Blakely was born on 29 Apr 1894. He died on 18 Jan 1896.

Gordon Roswell Blakely was born on 04 Mar 1902 in Grey, Ontario, Canada. He died on 22 Apr 1993. He married Gloria Gaddye on 04 Dec 1926 in Peel, Ontario, Canada.

Lillian Pearl Blakely was born on 06 Feb 1898 in Flesherton, Ontario, Canada. She died on 12 Oct 1988. She married Harry Stafford on 05 Nov 1918 in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Florence Margurite Blakely was born on 27 Jun 1900 in Flesherton. She died on 11 Sep 1900.

Wilford Elmo Blakely was born on 19 Oct 1888 in Flesherton, Ontario, Canada. He died on 23 Jan 1947 in Bakersfield, Kern, California, USA.

Letta May Blakely was born on 24 May 1896 in Flesherton, Artemesia Township, Grey County, Ontario, Canada (Twin of Aleath). She died on 15 Jun 1896 in Flesherton, Ontario, Canada (Died at birth).

John Blakely, Sarah Linley Blakely, Hanna Lever Blakely, Thomas A Blakely

Jan 9,1907

May 5 1887

Thomas A Blakely

Thomas died on 13 Feb 1937 in Toronto Canada (Buried Flesherton).

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Andrew Wilson Blakely

Andrew Wilson Blakely was born May 31,1872 in Grey County,Ontario.

He was the second youngest son of Thomas Blakely and Margaret Orr.

He married Nettie Natalie May Barr - Born 22 MAY 1879 • Renfrew Ontario Canada
Died JULY 13 1944 • Walhalli North Dakota
This photo is marked A.B. I am pretty sure it is Andrew but I am not 100%

Harry Stafford

Harry Stafford was born Feb 6,1889 . The 3rd born son of Elizabeth Sims and William Thomas Stafford.

Harry Stafford

Walter Stafford

Walter Stafford

Walter Stafford was born on Feb 25 1887 in Islington, London, England

He was killed May 10, 1917 in France

He is remembered at The Arras Memorial at Faubourg-D´Amiens Cemetery, Arras France

Click to enlarge 

In 1913 he married Rosa Street. The couple had 2 daughters, Phyllis and Heather
1919 - Rosa Street Stafford, her parents and daughters Heather and Phyllis . Heather was 2 months old when her father Walter was killed.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Joseph Orr

Joseph and Margaret ORR

Joseph Orr was born in September 1804 in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.
 He was the son of William Orr (born in 1765 in County Tyrone), and Isabelle Mcdoles (born in 1784 in Tyrone)

He married Margaret Donahue and had the following children

  • Ellen Margaret -  born in 1853 in Trafalgar Township, Halton, Ontario

  • Letita - born on 23 Jul 1839 in Trafalgar Township, Halton, Ontario. She married John Sackville Harkiss, son of Sackville Harkies and Marion McKay

  • Rebecca - born about 1836 in Halton, Can. She died on 08 Feb 1891 in Grey, Ontario, Canada. She married David Stinson in 1857. He was born on 11 Nov 1827 in County Cavan, Ireland. He died on 23 Aug 1906 in Artemesia Township, Grey County, Ontario

  • William David  born on April 11, 1842 in Trafalgar Township, Halton, Ontario. He married Sarah Ann Mckinnon on December 24, 1872, in Halton. The couple had five children
  1. Catherine Rebecca ORR b 1876
  2. Joseph ORR 1876-1888
  3. Margaret Isabella ORR 1881-1950 married Charles SPECK
  4. Sarah Jane ORR b June 14, 1884 d June 28, 1965 married Orlando Switzer May on June 14, 1905, in Halton
  5. Ethel Eveline ORR b March 12, 1887

  • Mary Jane b January 7, 1845 She married Robert Asby Peacock on February 22, 1865, in Halton, Ontario. She died on September 13, 1914, in Halton. 

  • Matthew Guy-  Born February 14, 1847, in Halton