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William GUY Blakely

William Guy Blakely was born on July 3, 1861, in Grey, Ontario  Son of Thomas Blakley and Isabella Orr

He married Minnie Agnes Parks on March 21, 1888

Samina Minnie Agnes Parks was born about 1863, in Grey, Ontario, the child of Thomas and Mary Ann

The couple had five children

  • Mary Isabella Mabel Blakely was born on September 11, 1889, in Grey, Ontario She married Stanley Henry Geddes on December 3, 1919, in Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • Margaret Della Blakely was born on August 4, 1892, in Dufferin  She married Harry Mellafont Nixon on June 11, 1924, in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

  • Thomas G Blakely was born in 1893 in Ontario

  • William Allan Blakely was born on March 17, 1900, in Grey, Ontario

  • Samina Minnie Elizabeth Cassie Blakely was born on July 8, 1905, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She married John Ridley on November 5, 1938, in East Kildonan, Manitoba.

In the 1880s, Guy ran a butcher shop in Flesherton, Ontario

He died on June 25, 1938, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, at the age of 76.

His wife Minnie died March 1936 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, at the age of 73.

Mary Jane Blakely Little

Mary Jane Blakely was born Feb 19,1858 in Artemesia Township, Grey County, Ontario.

She is the daughter of Thomas Blakely and Isabella Orr.

About 1880 she married Johnston Alexander Little (b Dec 23,1856 - d Dec 17, 1929) son of  William Elliot Little and Elizabeth Redfern Moore.

The couple had five children

Elizabeth Angeline Little - born on January 27, 1881, in Maxwell, Ontario,

Isabella Maud Little - born on April 7, 1885, in Maxwell, Ontario

William Thomas Little - born on March 4, 1888, in Maxwell, Ontario,

Captain Herbert Johnson Little - born on April 9, 1891, in Maxwell, Ontario

Maggie May Little - born on March 31, 1894, in Grey County, Ontario