About me

Hello! I am Suzanne Coolen and I have worked as a genealogist and a researcher for over twenty years.

Last year I made a career change into journalism and have found that the two are very similar.

 The skills I am learning in J-School are helping me to become a better genealogist and my experience in genealogy is helping me to become a better journalist.

Over the past twenty years I have researched hundreds of family trees including my own but always put off publishing my own lineage. I have decided to publish it online as a blog instead of in print in hopes that reaching a larger audience will help me fill in some blanks.

Please feel free to contact me by email -  suzycoolen@yahoo.ca
                                                  Twitter - @suzycoolen


My Blogs

Suzanne Coolen- My personal blog
Suzanne Coolen - My news blog
Canadian Vintage Advertising - My blog on vintage and pioneer advertisements from Canada
St Thomas Anglican Church Belleville Cemetery -  A photo blog of  a pioneer cemetery

Genealogy Blogs

Coolen / Garenfeld

Bain/ Thornton


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